Telecommunications Analytics Solutions

Arcadia Data offers visual analytics for communications organizations to address behavioral churn analysis and service cost controls. Get insights across mobile, broadband, and digital TV data.

Churn Analytics: Target the Right Customers to Save

When a customer churns, future revenue from this customer is lost plus the resources spent to acquire the customer.

Looking at multiple customer touchpoints is critical to developing a churn strategy:

  • Contact center interactions
  • Billing systems
  • Clickstream/Web interactions
  • IMSI / infrastructure
  • Store systems
  • Data science / predictive

From these behavioral interactions, we can determine customer lifetime value and target the right customers to save.

Service Cost Avoidance: Customer Channels to Infrastructure

The typical cost of a call to a call center is $.75-$.95/Minute

How do we target customers to use more affordable channels like web? Can we proactively eliminate problems?

How can we use IMSI analysis to determine tower issues which might be contributing to care costs?

How do customer service events contribute to voluntary churn? Do we have a training issue?

Is signal strength causing call quality issues which could be impacting customer care and churn costs?


  • Analyze customer behaviors
  • Bring together all customer data sources

Behavioral Churn Analysis

  • Understand reasons for churn and patterns
  • Remediate issues and leverage data

Service Cost Controls

  • Analyze the sources of care costs
  • Develop new products & campaigns

IMSI Analytics

  • Study the impact of Infrastructure
  • Localize & remediate Call Quality Issues

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