Oil and Gas: Unleash the Full Potential of Big Data and Streaming Analytics

Arcadia Enterprise enables oil and gas data analytics for greater management of remote assets. Enable action in real-time for better production, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Production Interruption: Early Warning Detection

Approximately 75% of all lost-time incidents of more than 6 hours are caused by drilling-mechanics failures.

The most frequently measured downhole drilling-mechanics parameters are:

  • Downhole mud pressure while drilling (PWD)
  • Weight on bit (WOB)
  • Torque on bit
  • Shock
  • Temperature
  • Caliper

Horizontal Drilling: Optimize Production

The benefits of using data analytics to monitor operations in real-time can improve well production by 20 times

Today, the angle of a drill is controlled with intense accuracy through GPS and real-time technologies.

Directional drilling has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s.

Multiple wells from the same vertical well bore: minimizing the wells' environmental impact.

Drilling wells at multiple angles, not just vertically, to better reach and produce oil and gas reserves.

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