Visual Analytics for Financial Services

Data drives everything in financial services, so use the right analytics platform.

Revenue Generation

Analyze large volumes of multi-structured data for insightful product development and engage customers with web-based interactive visual applications. Leverage alternative data for trading strategies with an edge.

Cost Savings

Accelerate insight by giving subject matter experts an intuitive and self-serve web UI.  Optimize collaboration across teams by securely packaging the same views on the same data and therefore speed up the decision making process by skipping the whole extract, transform, and load phase.

Risk Mitigation

Prove a robust and defensible process by validating risk models in granular detail by correlating machine, historical, and real-time data; inclusive of chat, voice, emails, trade execution, and post-trade events.  

Commercial Real Estate

It is critical to have a more granular location-based CRE credit and risk solution that incorporates up-to-date local market data, which includes internal and third-party data assets. Arcadia Data helps you:

  • Add Context, Precision, and Relevancy through Location Data
  • Enrich Quantitative Analysis with Location Intelligence
  • Accelerate Time-to-Insight through Big Data Location Analytics

The Advantage of Alternative Data

Leverage alternative data to enhance your trading strategies with an informational edge over the market. Correlating large data sets requires the right set of tools, and Arcadia Data helps you:

  • Put subject matter experts, instead of IT, in the driver’s seat with a self-service UI for large-scale analytics.
  • Leverage all data, big or small by letting your subject matter experts explore and evaluate any type of data (structured, unstructured, real-time, or historical).
  • Enable collaboration to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your team’s work.
  • Ensure timeliness and data integrity while the informational advantage gained using alternative data is most valuable.

Trade Surveillance

Deep forensics for monitoring trade activity in real time is a complex big data problem for most large businesses. Arcadia Data visual analytics software enables the identification of abusive trade behavior (the “needle”) within the mass of electronic communications and high velocity, cross-jurisdictional trade volume (the “haystack”) in real time.

  • See Webinar: Join RBC, Hortonworks, and Arcadia Data as they discuss real-time trade surveillance in financial markets.
  • See Webinar:  Join the discussion with Lloyds Banking Group, Hortonworks, and Arcadia Data about the role of big data in trade surveillance and market compliance.

Data Quality - Now

You don’t have to wait for your organization's big data strategy to mature with multiple sources. Enhance your data quality initiatives by generating multi-functional visualizations from one large data source.

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Dynamic Data Quality

Identify material changes in upstream data sources that affect active transactions in order to prioritize remediation efforts. Join machine learning data quality risk models with pre-trade electronic communications, trade execution, and post trade events for timely and effective trade reconstruction.

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Cross Organizational Model Validation

Evaluate how entities perform against a series of adverse market scenarios. You can imagine in the background, algorithms testing different ways to free up liquidity. Those changes could be reflected here. When you see a graph you like, you can package that data and use it as part of a management plan provided to auditors.

See Cross-Org Model Validation in action

Correlation and Divergence

Visualize algorithmically-generated data with billions of rows of transaction data to prove that it is both sufficient in volume and adequate in quality. Arcadia Data visual analytics can help evaluate the performance of multiple entities against a series of valuation models. Plan desk structure and organizational changes through an enterprise-wide lens while proving that models are based on real market data.

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RegTech:  Leveraging Alternative Data for Compliance

Watch this panel discussion between Nordea, RBC Capital Markets, Greenwich Associates, and Arcadia Data to understand how leading banks are leveraging internal and external alternative data sources to improve compliance and regulatory oversight.

A Front End for Data-Driven Regulatory Compliance

Multidimensional challenges require robust and integrated business processes that clearly show accuracy and effectiveness.
"Imagine a digital package that could show this in a transparent, secure, and interactive way", writes Paul Lashmet.