Get More Insights From Your Data Lake

If you planned and began building your data lake last year, now it’s time get value by providing access to all that raw data to your business team, analysts and data scientists. With Arcadia Enterprise, your users can access and analyze your entire data lake with a “data-native” visual analytics platform.

With a web-based architecture for big data visualization, business users perform self-service analytics on your data lake directly from their browser. They can use drag-n-drop authoring to create a full range of charts and graphs, as well as take advantage of in-Hadoop advanced analytic functions. Users can perform search-based analysis, behavior-based segmentation, event and graph analytics, and dimension/measure correlations.

“Arcadia Data provides our end users secure data access through a single integrated data management platform on Hadoop, meaning we can unlock big data insights across our organization without the cost and complexity of securing thousands of discrete data marts extracts.”

- Rajiv Synghal, Principal, Big Data Strategy, Kaiser Permanente

Simplified Architecture

  • In-cluster analytics. No moving data and no need for a separate BI server. Arcadia Enterprise scales with your Hadoop or cloud system.
  • Arcadia's Smart Acceleration™ tunes data structures continuously for ultra-fast analysis to 100s and 1000s of concurrent users.
  • Join tables and define semantic models for virtual data marts on data-in-place across multiple sources.
  • Native in-cluster security with role-based access control provides security on data in place directly on Hadoop clusters.

Faster Insights

  • Drag-and-drop visual, dashboard, and application development. No coding required.
  • Start exploring raw data right away where the data resides - no need for defining cubes or data models in advance.
  • Make fast decisions based on live, real-time data applications.
  • Analytical Views boost performance. Our Smart Acceleration™ continuously tunes and recommends data structures to provide the fastest access to the most relevant data

Deeper Analytics

  • Out-of-the-box search-based analysis, behavior-based segmentation, event and graph analytics in your data lake.
  • Data-blending across real-time, relational, and NoSQL connections helps expand analysis and expose relationships between disparate sources.
  • Advanced analytic visuals include granular path analysis, flow and funnel diagrams, behavior-based segmentation and dimension/measure correlations.

More Concurrent Users

  • Linear scalability - As your data lake grows, so does analytic computational capability.
  • Smart Acceleration(™) framework enables hundreds or thousands of users to access and query data at the same time.
  • Don’t reinvent the security model. Arcadia Data leverages the security framework of the underlying data platform including Apache Sentry and Apache Ranger, as well as Kerberos, LDAP, PAM, and more.

Insights await you in your data lake.

There are four methods of scaling interactive BI and analytics on a data lake: BI servers, fast SQL engines, OLAP cubes, and data native. Join industry experts from MapR and Arcadia Data for this live webcast to learn the pros and cons of using each method. Register now.

A Good Data Lake Starts with a Good Blueprint

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BI & Analytics

Arcadia Enterprise lets you design data-native, visual analytic applications directly on your data lake. Your users can access these apps from their web browser for advanced business intelligence and analytic insights.

Customer 360

Your customer data is now in your data lake. Unleash the power of that data for your marketers, product managers and sales teams through Arcadia Enterprise so they can improve your products, services and operations by understanding how your company interacts with customers across all channels.

Clickstream / Journey Analysis

Web data often is the primary data source to begin building data lakes. Arcadia Enterprise provides advanced path and flow diagrams so your web and marketing teams can better understand how customers traverse and interact with your digital properties.

Arcadia Enterprise is the only data-native visual analytics platform built to analyze large data volumes without moving it.

We solve complex big data problems around data lakes, customer intelligence, and business intelligence with the scale, flexibility, performance and security users need to glean meaningful and real-time business insights in the era of big data.