Cybersecurity Data Analytics

Arcadia Enterprise delivers visual analytics for modern cybersecurity platforms.

Security concerns rank highest among consumers, even more so than reasonable fees or responsive customer service. While losing a single customer record can potentially make a headline, the impact of security threats are even broader. In addition to employee privacy and vendor confidentiality, the shareholders and the board expect that intellectual property is protected and that reputational and prosecutorial risks are mitigated. Outside of the organization, the demands of regulators must be satisfied across jurisdictions.

Prove a robust and defensible process through enterprise wide visibility.

Incident Response

Drill across endpoint, user, and network with real-time dashboards to identify critical metrics. Easily embed results into case management tools for effective resolution.

Forensic Analysis

Optimize forensic analysis with visuals that make time-series analysis simpler and fast filtering across a well known set of attributes. Understand relationships with graph visualization.

Greenfield Threat Hunting

Proactively hunt for the unknown with blank-canvas data exploration, leveraging full granular access to all the data and the ability to integrate with machine learning workflows.

Add Visualizations to Your Cybersecurity Platform

Arcadia Enterprise helps your security analysts visualize your cybersecurity data and quickly track down threats from the data you’re collecting in an existing data platform. We have customers with internal cybersecurity deployments, as well as customers who are cybersecurity services providers that use Arcadia Enterprise as the visualization platform.

SIEM Optimization with Arcadia Data and Apache Spot

Arcadia Enterprise provides the visualization capabilities on top of the cybersecurity solution based on Apache Spot (Incubating) for optimizing your existing SIEM solution. Traditional SIEM is expensive and can’t cost-effectively cover your entire attack surface. Use Apache Spot with Arcadia Data visualizations to complement your SIEM solution and get a complete picture of your network.

Apache Spot (Incubating) is an open source, community-driven cybersecurity framework that runs on the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. The recent Arcadia Data contributions provide a quick start for adding data sets into Spot and then visualizing them. Recent contributions include:

  • ODM setup scripts. These provide a straightforward process to build the directories and tables necessary for housing data from specific sources to fit the Apache Spot Open Data Model (ODM) schema. Users also are given the choice of building the tables in either Parquet or Avro depending on which storage type fits their needs best, when they run the ODM setup scripts.
  • Dashboards in the Apache Spot community. These focus on tracking and exploring security events related to users, endpoints, and vulnerabilities. These dashboards run in both Arcadia Enterprise and Arcadia Instant (which is our free visualization tool available for download here, upon which you can create more dashboards you can share). Additional components that also power these dashboards and provide the user, endpoint, and vulnerability data are StreamSets ingestion pipelines, which are configured to bring source data from Centrify (user events), Windows Event Logs (user events), and Qualys scanning (endpoint events) and KnowledgeBase data (vulnerability context), which have also been contributed back into the Apache Spot community.

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Out-of-the-box Cybersecurity Visualization

Arcadia Data provides out-of-the-box cybersecurity data analytics and visualization across diverse and ever-growing digital endpoints, information networks, and user information. This enables analysts to quickly identify cyber threats, effectively perform forensic analysis, and hunt for the unknown.

Agile Detection, Investigation, Response

Cybersecurity threats are dynamic events perpetrated for any reason by any internal or external party, using both physical and cyber points of entry. Arcadia Data integrates directly with machine learning to accelerate threat detection and response.

More Insight and Depth of Knowledge

Arcadia Data is data-native so that information provided by best-of-breed cybersecurity platforms can be joined and fully analyzed. This provides comprehensive and deeper insights across endpoints, networks, and users.

Complete Enterprise Visibility

Arcadia Data provides security operations with complete enterprise visibility while enabling advanced threat detection through machine learning. CISOs have the confidence that best practices can be applied across the enterprise and visually prove a robust and defensible process.

Your BI Platform Shouldn't Create Security Risks

Arcadia's converged data-native visual analytics platform leverages the native security within Hadoop and related systems.   Remove a user from a group and Arcadia revokes the user's access to that group's datasets. Find out how to increase use of your big data without sacrificing security.

Visual Analytics for Cloudera's Cybersecurity Solution

Arcadia Data is a front end to Cloudera's cybersecurity solution, based on Apache Spot.  Building on Cloudera provides a modern, open architecture that makes is possible to build or buy solutions that plug into a shared data set and infrastructure,  This removes the risk of vendor lock-in. Watch a demo.