Adding Dynamic Links to Visuals

Published on November 30, 2015

Linking a webpage to a dashboard helps show extra information about the visual. Let me show you how to add an external link. In this article you will learn how to:

  • Use a static webpage in a dashboard
  • Embed a dynamic webpage into a dashboard

Note that we are working with the dataset Total Capital Expenditures for Companies with Employees by Industry Sector [data source].

  1. On the main navigation, click Apps.
  2. Above the left navigation bar, click New Visual.
    The Select a Dataset modal appears.
  3. In the modal, find and then click the dataset you want to work with.
    An Untitled visual screen appears; it is in the default tabular view.
  4. In the Visuals menu, select the Link icon.A new visual screen appears, named Untitled.
  5. In the URL field, paste the URL of the page you want to link.
  6. Click Refresh Visual.
    Note the page that appears in the lower portion of the screen.[image needed…]
  7. Click Edit next to the title of the visualization.
    Change the title of the visual. We used Industries.
  8. Above the left navigation bar, click Save.

Making the External Link Dynamic

The link added in step 5 is static. We can also use a dynamic link that makes the linked page automatically change according to the dimension of the driving visual.

To make a link dynamic, use the link parameter within << >> with a colon after the parameter.<>

When we click a particular industry field on the Pie Chart in the driving visual, the external link automatically changes to the Wikipedia page of that industry.


Note that the default link shows the Wikipedia home page. It changes only when we click a particular point on the driving visual—an industry field on the Pie Chart in this case. To know more about the driving visuals and adding click behavior, visit this page.