Search-Based BI and Analytics

Type in questions to get visual answers on all your data

What is search-based BI?

Search-based BI and analytics let you type natural language queries like “tell me the top 5 sales regions in 2017” and immediately get a visual answer. There’s no need to first find the right data set, or select the right data columns, or pick the best chart type. Arcadia Data will do all of that for you.

Guided Questions

AI-driven type-ahead and suggestion capabilities recommend related questions to the one you are typing, to show other questions that might be interesting to you.

Ranked Answers

Your question is run against all datasets in the system. The best answer is displayed immediately at the top, and a list of other possible answers (with lower scores) are shown as well. When users click alternative answers to a given question, the system learns that those are potentially more relevant.

Operationalized Insights

Now you can have your search and BI, too. Users can start with a simple search bar, type a question to quickly get an initial visual, and then move into a detailed set of advanced BI interfaces to build and deploy data applications.