Real-Time Business Intelligence

Arcadia Data provides real-time BI and analytics for immediate insights.

Why Do You Need Real-Time BI?

Organizations today need to respond more quickly to stay ahead. They are often given a very narrow time window in which to react to a changing business condition, so it is critical to identify the change as soon as possible. Operations optimization, fleet management analysis, and fraud detection are just a few examples in which quickly gathering insights keep the business running smoothly.

In a typical analytics model, data is collected, stored in a data warehouse, cubed and aggregated, and then piped to a BI server for reporting. That process adds too much delay to support real-time BI. Arcadia Enterprise speeds up the time-to-insight by immediately analyzing data in the data lake.

Use Cases for Real-Time BI

Real-time BI enables us to take advantage of data as it is created – without latency or laborious IT tasks. Real-time BI can be applied to create business value in many industries.


With real-time BI capabilities, you can analyze your network data immediately. Cybersecurity analysis requires in-depth investigation, and you don’t want to wait weeks, days, or even hours to find out about breaches or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. A platform like Arcadia Data provides the flexibility to analyze many data sets in a variety of ways with an easy-to-use interface. Capture, visually identify, and respond to cyber attacks as they happen.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected devices promise the opportunity to make changes based on what’s happening now. We can identify ways to be more efficient, more accurate, and more economical. Real-time BI makes the data these devices collect accessible and analyzable to those who need it.

Marketing Analytics

The days of waiting for business reports to study the effectiveness of marketing campaigns are long gone. Real-time BI enables you to measure campaigns in real-time from the moment they launch, and make quick adjustments along the way.

Spam Detection

Spammers easily adapt to overcome rules-based spam detection systems. With real-time BI, you can identify and stop spammers when they are in action to greatly decrease spam and increase customer satisfaction.

Arcadia Data for Real-Time BI

Arcadia Enterprise leads a new class of solutions architected for real-time BI. Arcadia Enterprise runs directly within the data lake cluster, where you can simultaneously analyze both real-time and historical data. It provides tremendous scale and performance, and removes many of the time-consuming IT tasks that are typical of traditional analytics platforms. You perform analytics where the data lives, eliminating data summarization and movement to a separate BI-specific cluster — and eliminating the associated latency. Arcadia Data delivers real-time analytics and BI directly from modern data platforms such as Apache Kafka®, Apache Kudu™, and Apache Solr™.

Apache KafkaApache KuduApache Solr

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