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What Can I Do with Arcadia Instant?

Arcadia Instant is a desktop visual analytics product that lets you experience the visualization capabilities from Arcadia Data. Download it to see a subset of what Arcadia Data has to offer. Read our knowledge base article on Exploring Arcadia Instant or watch our Arcadia Instant walkthrough video.

Note: Arcadia Instant is not a full production-ready solution. To get the full Arcadia Data advantage, read more about Arcadia Enterprise.

Arcadia Enterprise is a complete visual analytics solution that runs on modern data platforms and gives you the speed, scale, security, and full visualization capabilities you need for your production analytics environment. Differences between Arcadia Enterprise and Arcadia Instant are listed in the table below.

Arcadia Instant for KSQL

Arcadia Instant can connect to Confluent KSQL to visualize Apache Kafka® topics. Read more about this free kit to see how you can run BI-style analytics on streaming data.

Arcadia Instant for Cloud Data Warehouses and Analytics

Arcadia Instant can connect to AWS Athena, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake to let you get started with Arcadia Data visualizations on native cloud technologies. Watch this video as an example of how to get started.

Feature Comparison




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Enterprise-wide analytics.


Access data inside and outside Hadoop, Kafka, and the cloud right from your web browser, no driver installation required.


Browse data sources, structure and content, with full granularity and transparency.


Create semantic relationships across multiple sources, set hierarchies and logical datasets, for blending visualizations across sources.


Easy-to-use, familiar web-based self-service drag-n-drop authoring, to create full range of charts and graphs. Enable self-service analytics and BI on Hadoop, Kafka, and cloud-based data lakes.
Plus flow and funnel algorithms, dimension/measure correlation, and more


Assemble BI dashboards and analytic applications of visuals that show your work, with interactive drilldown to raw data, so you can zoom and pivot with transparent precision to any values in your data sets. Up to one Hadoop Domain Across all data, role-based access


Simplify deployment and monitoring, with certified integration with Apache Ambari and Cloudera Manager.


Achieve linear scalability to billions of records with native, in-cluster execution. Data-coherent cache enables visualization at speed, with 1000s of concurrent queries via Analytical Views.


Tune and speed-up performance with self-learning of critical, most frequently-used queries and dimensions, automatically modeled, in-memory.


Unified security with Hadoop-preferred authentication (Kerberos) and authorization methods including native integration with Apache Ranger and Apache Sentry. Role-based access control and row-level security for mature enterprise deployments.

Share & Publish

Easily create, embed and publish visualizations and BI dashboards, with secure access to fine-grained data, for any user with a browser.

Advanced Analytics

Present complex relationships across time and sequence, through easy-to-create graphics that show segmentation and correlation across any dimensions and metrics.


Data Discovery, Visualization, and Business Intelligence for files (CSV, JSON), Amazon Athena, Google BigQuery, Hive, Impala, MariaDB, MySQL, KSQL, Snowflake, Spark SQL, SQLite, and Arcadia Enterprise.

Now includes Kafka/KSQL. Click here to check it out.
Plus Amazon S3, Apache Drill, Microsoft ADLS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and more.


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