Cloud-Native BI

Arcadia Data runs natively with cloud environments that include data warehouses, object storage, data lakes, and serverless analytics.

Arcadia Instant now supports Amazon Athena, Google Big Query, and Snowflake. Download it and try it out today.

Why use cloud-native BI?

With data management increasingly moving to object storage and cloud data warehouses, organizations naturally expect existing BI applications to seamlessly fit in. However, the traditional BI architecture in a cloud environment presents challenges that are not so obvious up front but are revealed once implementation begins. These include:

  • Analysis only on subsets of your data, despite the ability to store large amounts of data in cloud object storage.
  • Delayed analytics while data warehouse batch ETL cycles prepare the data, despite ingesting the data in real time.

Cloud-native BI lets you take full advantage of the next generation of scalability, elasticity, performance, lower administrative overhead, and usage-based pricing of cloud environments. No data movement to a separate data silo, no scale compromise, no unnecessary delays. And with Arcadia Data, you get modern BI capabilities like search-based BI to run natural language queries, a scale-out architecture to support large-scale data sets, and an easy-to-use interface that caters to all types of users. You also get several cloud options (“multi-cloud” support) to avoid cloud vendor lock-in, and capabilities to optimize costs.

To get started now with Arcadia Data on cloud data warehouses, download Arcadia Instant and connect to your AWS Athena, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake deployments.

Cloud Object Storage

Arcadia Enterprise and object storage like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) are:

  • Elastic. Grow or shrink data sets independently of compute nodes.
  • Cost-effective. Economics that work for big data.
  • Reliable. Data redundancy to avoid data loss.
  • Easy. Store data as files.

Arcadia Data for AWS Athena

AWS Athena is a query service that enables users to analyze data resident in Amazon’s popular Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and other AWS services. It is built on a “serverless” model in which you don’t have to provision compute nodes to run queries. You simply issue SQL queries to the service and only pay for the query processing and the storage in a next-generation pay-on-demand model. Connect Arcadia Instant to Athena today to see how modern, cloud-native BI can accelerate your data-driven initiatives.

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Arcadia Data for Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is serverless, extremely scalable enterprise data warehouse environment that requires zero system provisioning. It has an easy-to-use web interface for tasks like running queries and loading and exporting data. It is integrated into the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which means you can integrate it with other related features such as machine learning, data from objects stores, as well as streaming ingestion. It also comes with many public datasets that you can use to blend with your data. Connect Arcadia Instant to BigQuery today to see how modern, cloud-native BI can accelerate your data-driven initiatives.

Arcadia Data for Snowflake

Snowflake is a data warehouse built completely in the cloud. It offers a simple-to-use web interface for spinning up new environments and making changes to existing ones. It is completely elastic and allows you to grow, shrink, and turn off the environment as needed. It supports a variety of data types including structured and semi-structured data such as JSON. Finally, with Snowflake there is no need to spin up data marts or copies of data to offload processing for competing users or applications. Snowflake is resilient and redundant out of the gate and requires less maintenance and operational DBA activities. Connect Arcadia Instant to Snowflake today to see how modern, cloud-native BI can accelerate your data-driven initiatives.

Arcadia Data for AWS Databases

Amazon Redshift is a leading cloud-based data warehouse that brings simplicity and cost-effectiveness to analytics. It is fast not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of getting a new data warehouse deployed in minutes. Amazon Aurora is fully managed relational database service that is compatible with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Amazon RDS is a cloud service for easily managing cloud databases. Arcadia Enterprise can connect to AWS databases to give you a powerful BI solution in the cloud. Contact us to get started.

Arcadia Data for Databricks and Spark SQL

Databricks is the company that created Apache Spark and runs a managed service for Spark in the cloud. Spark is a framework for fast, large-scale processing of data, and Spark SQL is a component that lets users query data in Spark with SQL. Connect Arcadia Instant to Databricks Spark SQL today to see how modern, cloud-native BI can accelerate your data-driven initiatives.

Arcadia Data for Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a managed cloud service based on Apache Kafka that offers a scalable platform for your streaming data. Use cases pertaining to the internet of things, real-time analytics, and time-series data are especially well-suited to Confluent Cloud. Connect Arcadia Instant to Confluent Cloud today to see how modern, cloud-native BI can accelerate your data-driven initiatives. Or read this article to get started with streaming visualizations on your desktop.

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