Analytics Native to Hadoop and Cloud

Arcadia Enterprise sets the new standard for analytics on data lakes.

A recent benchmark report on Arcadia Enterprise shows BI dashboard acceleration of up to 88x.

Data has evolved. Data platforms have evolved. So why stick with your existing BI tools that were designed for traditional environments? Enterprises today are seeking a modern approach to analytics and BI on Hadoop, cloud, Kafka and other modern platforms. Arcadia Enterprise sets a new analytics standard for data lakes, beyond the traditional data warehouse tools that you already use.

Reduce the complexity of analyzing big data with Arcadia Enterprise. Highlights of this upcoming release include:

Arcadia Enterprise 4.2 Kafka-KSQL Integration

Real-time streaming visualizations with granular, time-based filters. You can pull the most recent data from any time window (in hours, minutes, and even seconds) from streaming sources like Apache Kafka™ topics and refresh the visuals without manual polling. You can control the data visualization with play and pause so you can analyze a specific point in time.

Want to see this in action on your desktop? Please visit this page for more information.

Instant Visuals for recommendations on live big data sets. A built-in recommendation engine gives you instant side-by-side comparisons of ideal chart/graphic options on live data, as well as a variety of color/format style options.

Arcadia Enterprise 4.2 Instant Visuals

Arcadia Enterprise 4.2 Complex Data Types

Support for complex types for immediate analytics on arrays, maps, and structs. New data sources, especially those in real-time streams, used nested data. Instead of requiring your IT team to flatten the data via time-consuming ETL, you can read the complex data types as is. This reduces complicated data modeling and boosts performance by avoiding joins across normalized tables.

What Is Arcadia Enterprise?

Arcadia Enterprise is a complete analytics and BI platform that runs within your modern data platform (i.e., BI for Hadoop and cloud). Security, resource management, high availability are all handled in-cluster. There’s no data movement, no duplicated security, no separate cluster.

Search-Based BI (Coming Soon)

Use simple natural language interfaces to all of your data. Business analysts can quickly build visualizations by typing questions. AI-driven type-ahead and suggestion capabilities recommend questions that you may be interested in. Questions are scored against all data sets, and the best answer is displayed immediately along with other possible answers. The system can learn which results are the best based on user click behavior.

Embedded Analytics

You can easily embed the HTML5-based visualizations into other web-based applications to power self-service insights for your customers, suppliers, partners, and internal users. With CSS and JavaScript, you can “white label” the interface for a seamless look and feel and modify visuals to meet specific analytic requirements.


Cloud Object Stores

Arcadia Enterprise and object stores like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) are:

  • Elastic. Grow or shrink data sets independently of compute nodes.
  • Cost-effective. Economics that work for big data.
  • Reliable. Data redundancy to avoid data loss.
  • Easy. Store data as files.

BI Query Acceleration

In other systems, query acceleration requires a lot of IT help (even when they claim otherwise). Arcadia Enterprise Smart Acceleration recommends fast, efficient accelerators by examining user queries, dashboard configurations, and metadata.

Real-Time BI and Analytics

Arcadia Enterprise is the only BI platform that integrates with Confluent KSQL to provide real-time visualizations on Apache Kafka topics. All other BI technologies require dumping real-time data into a staging store, thus defeating the advantage of streaming analytics.

No Data Movement

Arcadia Enterprise, as a BI for Hadoop platform, runs in-cluster to take advantage of the power of your data nodes. Get immediate access to all your granular data, get uncompromised scale, and avoid the delays from waiting for your IT team to copy data.

Streaming Big Data Analytics

Arcadia Enterprise supports streaming data sources like Apache Kafka, Apache Kudu, and Apache Solr, to let you analyze continually updated data. Query data at an incremental level as soon as it is loaded into the streaming data store.

Data Blending

Arcadia Enterprise lets you deploy dashboards that include a variety of popular data sources including streaming data sources like Apache Kafka, Apache Kudu, and Apache Solr. Include visualizations on your existing relational data directly from the source to enable a complete picture of your data.

See Arcadia Enterprise in Action

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