Arcadia Enterprise sets the new standard for analytics on data lakes

AVAILABLE NOW: Arcadia Enterprise 4.2

Data has evolved. Data platforms have evolved. So why stick with your existing BI tools that were designed for traditional environments? Enterprises today are seeking a modern approach to analytics and BI for their modern data and modern platforms. Arcadia Enterprise sets a new analytics standard for data lakes, beyond the traditional data warehouse tools that you already use.

Reduce the complexity of analyzing big data with Arcadia Enterprise. Highlights of this upcoming release include:

Real-time streaming visualizations with granular, time-based filters. You can pull the most recent data from any time window (in hours, minutes, and even seconds) from streaming sources like Apache Kafka™ topics and refresh the visuals without manual polling. You can control the data visualization with play and pause so you can analyze a specific point in time.

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Instant Visuals for recommendations on live big data sets. A built-in recommendation engine gives you instant side-by-side comparisons of ideal chart/graphic options on live data, as well as a variety of color/format style options.

Support for complex types for immediate analytics on arrays, maps, and structs. New data sources, especially those in real-time streams, used nested data. Instead of requiring your IT team to flatten the data via time-consuming ETL, you can read the complex data types as is. This reduces complicated data modeling and boosts performance by avoiding joins across normalized tables.



Arcadia Data runs visual analytics natively in-cluster, accelerating insights from Apache Hadoop and other big data platforms without moving data, bridging the gap between self-service data visualization and advanced analytics.

Put Your Analytics Where Your Data Is

Get deeper insights from modern data platforms with the simplicity and power of direct in-cluster distributed processing – without moving data. Administration and system costs are much lower because Arcadia runs on existing hardware nodes or cloud instances and inherits native security privileges and administration in Apache Hadoop and cloud platforms.

Build Visuals, Dashboards, and Apps with Point-and-click Ease

Use Arcadia’s web-based visual designer to easily create dashboards and applications with no coding required. Choose from a library of 25+ visual types which include advanced analytics for micro-segmentation, time-series, and correlation analyses. Connect directly to a wide variety relational, real-time, and NoSQL data stores including Apache Hadoop (HDFS), Amazon S3, Apache Spark, Apache Kudu, Apache Solr, MapR-FS, and more. You can also extend visuals from D3 and other libraries

Deploy to 100s or 1000s of Users Internally or Externally

User concurrency on big data platforms is a barrier to widespread adoption. Arcadia Smart Acceleration™ lets you break through that barrier and support hundreds to thousands of concurrent users with sub-second response time. by continuously monitoring and routing queries to optimized Analytical Views, derived from data access and usage heuristics and recommendations.



Arcadia Data lets you design data applications to meet your brand standards. Native web technology built from the ground up using HTML5, extensible with custom CSS & JS, means complete customization control and the ability to embed easily into other web-based applications to power data-driven services to your customers, suppliers, partners, and internal users.



Arcadia Enterprise also handles data in AWS S3. Use of S3 is:

  • Elastic. Easily accommodate growing volumes of data.
  • Cost-effective. Economics that work for big data.
  • Reliable. Automatic redundancy behind the scenes to avoid data loss.
  • Easy. Data modeled as files.


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