Arcadia Data Receives Patent Enhancing Customer Ability to Derive Insights From Big Data

By Arcadia Data | November 15, 2018

Patent Highlights Arcadia Data Leadership on BI Dashboard Acceleration in
Modern Approaches to Analytics

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Nov. 15, 2018 — Arcadia Data, provider of the first visual analytics software native to Apache™ Hadoop® and the cloud, today announced it has been issued a patent for its incremental materialized view capability on distributed systems to enable faster analytics results and immediate updates on changing big data sets. The capability covered in the patent lets Arcadia Data customers get fast and accurate calculations on complex aggregates from their data using modern analytical approaches and platforms.

Traditional approaches that are applied to analyzing big data involve significant IT effort due to data movement, data copies, data flattening, data extracts, governance risks, and additional administrative overhead. Furthermore, connecting traditional business intelligence (BI) tools to modern data platforms like Hadoop or cloud-based data lakes poses its own set of challenges around user concurrency in production environments. Arcadia Data delivers analytics and BI without the traditional process overhead and deployment limitations. And through its flagship platform, Arcadia Enterprise, it provides Analytical Views, which seamlessly accelerate BI dashboards to support thousands of business users. Analytical Views significantly boost performance, scale, and user concurrency to enable fast responsiveness, as demonstrated by the 88x performance improvements in a recent report by Enterprise Strategy Group, Native Business Intelligence Performance for Data Lakes. Unlike traditional materialized views, Analytical Views can be updated incrementally as new data is added to more quickly deliver analytics to end users. Incremental maintenance is particularly important in cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes, where remote object storage incurs larger access penalties than precomputed results served from memory.

“Arcadia Data understands how challenging it can be to quickly analyze the scale of today’s data sets and user bases, even on modern platforms, like Hadoop and the cloud,” said Shant Hovsepian, CTO and co-founder, Arcadia Data. “We are pleased that Arcadia Data technology helps customers democratize their data to derive important insights in a manner that is far more efficient than is possible with traditional platforms. This patent enables us to share with customers and partners the details of our innovations, to enhance the benefit they receive from using our platforms.”

The invention in the patent, No. 10,120,898, is titled “Apparatus and Method for Allowing Complex Aggregates in Analytical Views in a Distributed Database,” with Arcadia Data database architect and founding engineer Anjali Norwood as the lead inventor. It enables fast and accurate calculations on complex aggregates via Analytical Views for recently updated data. Certain complex aggregates—such as number of distinct values, average, analytic window functions, and standard deviation—typically require scans of the entire database, thus making it resource intensive to calculate these values. Analytical Views store these calculations, and when the underlying database is updated, the patented technology efficiently computes the new values in an incremental manner and stores them back into the Analytical Views. These values can be delivered quickly to dashboards since Analytical Views avoid re-calculation and rereading of the underlying data. This ability to compute partial results from incremental additions to the database leads to faster refreshes of the database and Analytical Views, while also ensuring accurate calculations after the incremental update. This functionality helps Arcadia Data customers get a broad range of analytics capabilities without sacrificing performance and expressivity.

Read more about Analytical Views on the Arcadia Data blog or see Arcadia Enterprise in action by registering for a live demo.

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Arcadia Data provides the first visual analytics and BI platform native to big data that delivers the scale, performance, and agility business users need to discover and productionize real-time insights. Its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, was built from inception to run natively within big data platforms, in the cloud and/or on-premises, to streamline the self-service analytics process on data in Apache Hadoop®, Apache Spark®, Apache Kafka®, and Apache Solr®. It enables real-time, high-definition insights in use cases like data lakes, cybersecurity, connected IoT devices, and customer intelligence. Arcadia Enterprise is deployed by some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Royal Bank of Canada, Kaiser Permanente, HPE, and Neustar. To learn more, follow @ArcadiaData or visit

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