Arcadia Data Launches Arcadia Enterprise; Sets New Standard for Analytics and BI on Data Lakes

By Arcadia Data | March 20, 2018

New Release Accelerates Insights With AI-Enabled, Real-Time Analytics on Big Data

SAN MATEO, Calif. — March 20, 2018 — Arcadia Data, provider of the first visual analytics and BI software native to big data, defines the next era of analytics and BI for data lakes with the general availability of its next major release of Arcadia Enterprise and Arcadia Instant. Arcadia Enterprise delivers on the promise of intelligent data lakes, enabling organizations to create billions of dollars of new value by improving access to analytics and BI for business analysts. With a data-native and AI-driven architecture designed from inception for big data, Arcadia Enterprise enables business users to easily explore data with recommendations that visualize and identify insights, enabling users to derive value with minimal IT overhead.

“Enterprises are realizing they need two BI standards — one for their data warehouse and one for their data lake.Traditional BI and discovery tools built with non-native architectures for data warehouses have failed when applied to derive value from data lakes. When we designed a native BI architecture that allows value to be realized faster than traditional BI architectures designed for relational databases, we opened the industry’s eyes to a new way of looking at visual analytics with BI, and to a new frontier regarding the data lake,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia Data. “Today’s release of Arcadia Enterprise solidifies that new standard for BI and visual analytics. With this release, Arcadia gives  business users the power to move the discovery process earlier in the value chain, learn from AI-driven recommendations and visualize fast-moving, streaming, and high-scale data all native to the data lake; enabling modern big data platforms to deliver valuable insights at tremendous scale.”

Data continues to evolve — structured to multi-structured, increased data volumes, real-time added to batch processing. Big data management platforms have evolved to handle those data changes: Technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, NoSQL, and public cloud storage, such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) are becoming ubiquitous. The analytics and BI tools that turn data into usable information have changed accordingly to support new levels of scalability, agility and information sharing. The new release fills the need for a second, focused analytics and BI standard for enterprises running data lakes that:

  • Offer greater scale at both the data volume and user concurrency levels
  • Handle more data formats, with ongoing changes, without significant IT intervention
  • Promote new levels of agility, self-service, and real-time analytics

“Big Data technologies continue to adapt to the changing data landscape, and the latest release of Arcadia Enterprise represents easier ways to leverage modern machine learning and analytics platforms like Cloudera,” said Anupam Singh, general manager, analytics, Cloudera. “With its native BI architecture and new features such as complex data type support and Solr support, Arcadia Data promotes analytical agility for our joint customers. We look forward to continued efforts with Arcadia Data to help customers meet their analytical requirements and accelerate their time to value.”

“More and more global organizations are evaluating Hadoop as a foundation for modern data architectures and are building sophisticated data lakes that create real business value,” said John Kreisa, VP of marketing, Hortonworks, Inc. “The Hortonworks and Arcadia Data partnership focuses on delivering value to customers and evolving innovation surrounding the data lake.”

“MapR has long been a leader in helping customers get the most value from their big data. With the latest product release from Arcadia Data, we deliver a joint offering that leverages our underlying data fabric to eliminate silos, reduce complexity and support real-time processing,” said Jack Norris, SVP of data and applications, MapR Technologies. “We believe that as data architectures continue to rapidly evolve, our partnership with Arcadia Data will ensure that all types of users will benefit.”

New Features Elevate Arcadia Data as the Data Lake Analytics and BI Standard

Arcadia Enterprise is native to big data platforms, meaning the processing runs directly on the compute nodes versus a separate BI server or edge nodes. This eliminates data movement to a separate non-parallel set of BI servers, which mitigates the delays and governance challenges that the traditional analytical life cycle creates. Users can scale out their data infrastructures along with the underlying platform, while enjoying a unified security model to reduce data risk. New features include:

  • Instant Visuals, powered by AI-driven recommendations, which help business analysts find the best representation of their live data with side-by-side comparisons of visuals.
  • Support for complex data types, including arrays, maps, and structs. Via an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface (UI), business analysts can interrogate data contained in schemas containing nested and complex data types with native SQL. This eliminates reliance on IT to create logical views or perform ETL to flatten out nested data in advance.
  • Smarter Acceleration for big data provides new performance optimizations that accelerate a wider variety of complex queries, eliminating the need for performance modeling.
  • Support for Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) to give customers more options for analyzing data in the cloud.
  • Enterprise BI governance features reduce the administrative cost of enterprise BI deployments via workspaces to allow large scale enterprise deployments to build, manage and share BI assets securely across multiple projects or work groups.
  • Early access integration with Confluent’s KSQL, which allows the visualization of Apache Kafka topics, enabling real-time analytics on a per-event basis.

“We are excited about the new Arcadia Data release and its capabilities for delivering streaming visualizations on Apache Kafka via KSQL,” said Siddharth Rabindran, director, Partner Ecosystem at Confluent. “Since its release last fall, KSQL has gained a strong following and Arcadia Data looks to expand that interest even further, especially among business analysts and line of business managers.”

Experience Arcadia Instant, a free tool that enables analysts to start analyzing data.

See Arcadia Enterprise in action, by registering for a live demo or view this video of Arcadia Enterprise Feature Highlights.

Learn more about Arcadia Enterprise, or dive in to see how organizations get value from data lakes in this free research report, “Derive Value From Data Lakes Using Analytics Design Patterns.”

About Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data provides the first visual analytics and BI platform native to big data that delivers the scale, performance, and agility business users need to discover and productionize real-time insights. Its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, was built from inception to run natively within big data platforms, in the cloud and/or on-premises, to streamline the self-service analytics process on data in Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Solr. It enables real-time, high-definition insights in use cases like data lakes, cybersecurity, connected IoT devices, and customer intelligence. Arcadia Enterprise is deployed by some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Royal Bank of Canada, Kaiser Permanente, HPE, and Neustar. To learn more, follow @ArcadiaData or visit

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