Arcadia Data Brings the Power of Self-Service BI and Analytics to All Users on Big Data

By Arcadia Data | July 10, 2018

Continues to Set New Standard for Fast and Scalable BI on Apache Hadoop®, Apache Kafka® and Cloud for Data Lakes

SAN MATEO, Calif. — July 10, 2018 — Arcadia Data, provider of the first visual analytics and BI software native to big data, is transforming modern business intelligence for big data by delivering the power of BI on Apache Hadoop®,  and other scale-out systems, to every business user.  The launch of its latest release, Arcadia Enterprise, solidifies a new standard for business intelligence by helping organizations uncover billions of dollars in new value that was once hidden within the data lake. The company also recently launched Arcadia Instant for KSQL, the industry’s first native Apache Kafka® visualization software. Now, business users can easily explore data with AI-driven recommendations to visualize and identify insights, extracting value in real time.

“The data lake is a novel approach to data management that, in turn, requires a new approach to analytics, and Arcadia Data is at the forefront of this innovation,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia Data. “The advantages of an analytics and BI platform built specifically for data lakes in handling large scale and fast moving data are in stark contrast with outdated and antiquated approaches of trying to connect legacy tools to data lakes. It’s time to unleash the value of the data lake, and embrace a new approach to data lake BI with Arcadia Data.”

In a research report on deriving value from data lakes, Gartner asserts that analytics on a data lake is different from that of a traditional store like a data warehouse. Therefore, the differences should be considered to create an effective architecture. As part of the report, Gartner categorizes the Arcadia Data architecture to be a “two-tier design pattern,” for which they claim is the simplest and often the fastest way to derive value from data lakes.

With the rapidly-changing variety and velocity of data within today’s organizations, creating a competitive edge is increasingly becoming a defining differentiator of business success. Driven by the rapidly-growing demand for event-stream processing and analytics, Arcadia Data released a native integration with Confluent’s KSQL, making streaming data accessible to business users via BI visualizations, ensuring they can act on real-time insights and help their company gain a competitive edge. To help organizations quickly get started with visually exploring and analyzing data in Apache Kafka®, Arcadia Data also released Arcadia Instant for KSQL, a freely downloadable package that includes Arcadia Instant, a desktop BI tool, along with Docker images for Apache Kafka® and KSQL. By following the associated documentation, users quickly can set up a streaming visualization test environment on their desktop and build live dashboards.

Arcadia Enterprise, the flagship product from Arcadia Data, offers real-time streaming visualizations with granular, time-based filters; a built-in recommendation engine that offers users instant side-by-side visual comparisons for recommendations on the best data visualization techniques for their big data sets; support for cloud object stores such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS); and, support for complex types of data for immediate analytics on arrays, maps, and structs. Arcadia Enterprise runs visual analytics with these features natively in-cluster.

Users can leverage the platform to accelerate insights from BI on Hadoop and other big data platforms without moving data, bridging the gap between self-service data visualization and advanced analytics. Arcadia Data democratizes BI and analytics by enabling ultra-fast analytics and BI with agile drag-and-drop access specifically for business users.

Industry Recognition Highlights Importance of Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data has received a number of accolades for its impressive technology and position as a leader in the big data and analytics industry. Recognition for its innovation includes:

  • The CRN Big Data 100 List: The list recognizes the ingenuity of tech suppliers offering innovative offerings for harnessing the vast amounts of data generated in today’s digital world. Arcadia Data was recognized for its flagship platform, Arcadia Enterprise, which delivers on the promise of intelligent data lakes, enabling organizations to create billions of dollars of new value by improving access to analytics and BI for business analysts.
  • A leader in the Dresner Advisory Services in its 2017 Big Data Analytics Market Study: The Dresner report examines end-user trends and intentions surrounding big data analytics within the Hadoop ecosystem, highlighting vendors that provide meaningful multi-year comparisons and rich insight. Arcadia Data was the top rated vendor in the Big Data Infrastructure category, and achieved a perfect score in the Big Data Search category.
  • Arcadia Data was named to the Startup50 Big 50-2017 report: Startup50 is a rigorous competition designed to identify startups offering solutions for real people and real-world problems. Arcadia Data received the recognition for its unique, native visual analytics software, offering the scale, performance, and security necessary for real-time insights in the era of big data and internet of things (IoT).

To learn more about using native BI platforms to get the most value from your data lake, watch the webinar, Take Your Enterprise Analytics to the Next Level with Native BI Platforms for Data Lakes, which includes speakers from Arcadia Data, Cloudera, and Forrester Research.

About Arcadia Data
Arcadia Data provides the first visual analytics and BI platform native to big data that delivers the scale, performance, and agility business users need to discover and productionize real-time insights. Its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, was built from inception to run natively within big data platforms, in the cloud and/or on-premises, to streamline the self-service analytics process on data in Apache Hadoop®, Apache Spark®, Apache Kafka®, and Apache Solr®. It enables real-time, high-definition insights in use cases like data lakes, cybersecurity, connected IoT devices, and customer intelligence. Arcadia Enterprise is deployed by some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Royal Bank of Canada, Kaiser Permanente, HPE, and Neustar. To learn more, follow @ArcadiaData or visit

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