Strata Data Conference New York

September 25-28, 2017

Are you heading to Strata New York? Come say "hi" at booth #707

Strata is the conference to network with big data leaders and innovators and learn about and experience cutting edge and proven technologies. Here are some highlights from the Strata NYC 2017 schedule:

  • Meet with our team. Whether you are ready to kick off a visual analytics project or have technical questions for our engineers, swing by our booth or request a meeting in advance.
  • Listen to best practices with Procter & Gamble (P&G). Arcadia Data customer P&G will share how they use visual analytics to deliver value from their data assets across teams. Michelle Tower, director of BI and analytics at P&G, takes the stage at 2:05 p.m. Wednesday, September 27 in location 1A 01/02
  • Learn about important big data topics from our partners. Cloudera, Hortonworks, Pitney Bowes, MapR, and Leidos will present in our theater at our booth #707. We’re having a raffle at every session, so come try your luck!
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Let us know what day you want to meet and we will contact you to set up a convenient time:

Don't miss out on this talk from our friends at Procter & Gamble

Michelle Tower

Director of Business Intelligence
Procter & Gamble

How Visual Analytics Drove Data Asset Success at Procter & Gamble

Sponsored by Arcadia Data

2:05pm–2:45pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Location: 1A 01/02

The early stages of delivering on your data strategies is daunting. With many claims of failed data lakes or “data swamps” the journey seems risky. That’s why you need help from industry experts to get going. In this talk, P&G will share their journey using big data, Apache Hadoop, and visual analytics to quickly discover new insights and optimize data models for analytics and data visualization.

Don't miss out on this talk from our one of the Arcadia Data Co-Founders:

Shant Hovsepian

CTO & Co-Founder
Arcadia Data

Streaming Visual Analytics: What's Possible Today and What's Coming Tomorrow

4:35pm–5:15pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Location: 1E 07/08

As big data is shifting from a world at rest to a world in motion, we need visualization applications that have been architected to handle streaming systems for use cases from cybersecurity to the IoT to financial services. After all, time is money, and the sooner you deliver insights the greater the impact.

All of our existing business intelligence and visualization tools have been designed to work with legacy batch-oriented systems. Streaming visual analytics is a new technique for visualizing and interacting with streaming data in near real time. Shant Hovsepian explains how lambda- and polling-based architectures are being disrupted by reactive visualization systems, as streaming engines embrace the CQRS pattern, and offers analysis of visualizing streams from Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, and Apache Spark.

Stop by the Arcadia Data booth theater (at booth #707)

Stop by our booth theater to hear innovative approaches to visual analytics from our partners and from the Arcadia Data team. We'll be raffling off gifts at each session, so don't miss your chance to learn and win!

The booth theater schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, 9/27

11:00AM - 11:15AM

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Realtime Analytics for Cyber and IoT

Michael Moreno | Senior Partner Marketing Manager

12:15PM - 12:30PM

Integrated Security and Management for Enterprise BI

Mark Lochbihler | Director and Principal Architect, Channels Partner Engineering

12:45PM - 1:00PM

Location Intelligence - A Critical Data Approach for Financial Services

Tim McKenzie | General Manager, Big Data Solutions

3:45PM - 4:00PM

Modern Approaches to BI

Richard Tomlinson | Director, Product Management

4:15PM - 4:30PM

Data Driven Approach to Opoid Epidemic Investigation

Ryan Weil | Chief Scientist, Health and Life Sciences

Thursday, 9/28

11:00AM - 11:15AM

Realizing the Yin-Yang of Modern BI Analytics: Data Exploration and Performance Acceleration

Veera Naranammalpuram | Senior Solutions Engineer

12:15PM - 12:30PM

IoT Analytics: More Than Just BI

Dave Shuman | Industry Leader, Retail, Manufacturing & IoT

12:45PM - 1:00PM

Automating the Detection and Reporting of Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Ryan Weil | Chief Scientist, Health and Life Sciences

3:45PM - 4:00PM

Modern Approaches to BI

Dale Kim | Sr. Director, Products/Solutions

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