Saving the Data Lake White Paper

From Arcadia Data, MapR, and Early Adopter

Just a few years ago, companies were praising the data lake as the cure all for handling big data problems within their existing data warehouse infrastructures. These days, it seems like many companies are preparing to abandon data lakes altogether.

The problem is that many companies have been unable to analyze the data in their data lakes effectively.

Data pros, on the other hand, are finding millions and billions of dollars in value and have become industry leaders by enabling their business analysts with self-service BI to easily operationalize those insights.

You too can become a data pro. Read this whitepaper if you want to learn about:

  • Why companies turned to data lakes in the first place
  • The most common data lake failure modes
  • The three key challenges in getting value from data lakes
  • How native BI platforms can fully operationalize your data lake

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