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Dr. Richard Harmon
Presenter: Dr. Rich Harmon
Industry Lead, Financial Services
Kevin McPartland
Presenter: Kevin Mc Partland
Managing Director
Greenwich Associates
Presenter: Paul Lashmet
Director Financial Services
Arcadia Data


Put Alternative Data to Use in Capital Markets

Alternative data for capital markets, such as satellite imagery, logistics data, and social media feeds, has been getting a lot of attention recently. Like any trending topic, its uses and benefits can be hyped up a bit but if the right plumbing and creativity is in place, those benefits can be realized.

In this webinar, Cloudera, Arcadia Data, and Greenwich Associates will discuss:

  • Examples of alternative data use cases, sources, and recent market trends.
  • Why a big data platform that facilitates self-service and collaboration is critical in monetizing alternative data.
  • How alternative data can be applied to enhance current processes (demo).

Watch now:

Put Alternative Data to Use in Capital Markets