Empowering the Mobile Marketing Landscape


The art and science behind mobile messaging

Imagine this: your customers are all on mobile apps (OK, not hard to do).

Millions of them every day and, somehow, you need to make sense of all of the events that occur. Every swipe. Every click. The in-app messages. Even the emoji usage.

It seems impossible.

But, it doesn’t have to be. You can get granular, per-user analytics for all of it, quickly and easily, to see whether or not that app is really helping you grow your business and making a positive impact on your customers… if you use the right tools. Read this case study to learn how Braze began using Arcadia Data’s Hadoop-native Visual Analytics to:

  • Store and analyze more than a trillion events and counting
  • Visualize user engagement and abandonment paths at scale
  • Track and optimize campaign effectiveness

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