Arcadia Data KSQL Demo

Streaming Analytics for the Rest of Us

Arcadia Data is the only analytics and BI platform that can query directly from an Apache Kafka topic using Confluent’s KSQL technology.

Why send streaming data to an intermediary store and query from there, thus losing the value of real-time, granular event data, when you can query Kafka directly? Arcadia Data provides streaming data visualizations that non-technical business analysts and business users can leverage in environments like predictive maintenance, operations optimization, and data quality validation.

Want to try it for yourself? Register below and when the technology is ready for public distribution in the coming months, we’ll send you information on how you can get started with visualizations on Kafka topics.

In the meantime, check out our quick video on Arcadia Data and Confluent’s KSQL. It shows an oil and gas company example, and you can imagine how the streaming visualizations can apply to your own environment.

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