How Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gets Real with IoT Analytics

Webinar | June 26, 11 AM PST, 2 PM ET, 7 PM BST

Before blockchain, there was Internet of Things (IoT). But beyond the hype, how does IoT apply to real-world use cases?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a Fortune 500 enterprise information technology company that makes tier 1 storage arrays used by data centers worldwide. To ensure quality service, HPE needed a data analytics platform that could:

  1. Monitor millions of incoming diagnostic data points each day
  2. Visualize this data at scale for internal business users and offices

Join on us June 26th at 11 am PT to learn how HPE uses visual analytics within a data lake to create an “Industrial Internet of Things” model that solves their data analytics problem at scale. We will discuss:

  • How to scale IoT Analytics for 24/7 operations
  • The metrics and insights that benefit customers, support, and product line managers
  • Before and after: key metrics and results of scaling analytics securely across diverse users and teams to achieve business goals
  • How visualizing data at scale across diverse internal teams can help achieve business goals
  • How data lakes can be used to manage data at scale

More about our presenters:

Dale Kim

Sr. Director of Products/Solutions

Arcadia Data

Siamak Nazari

Chief Architect and Fellow, HP Storage Division

Hewlet Packard Enterprise

Dale Kim is the senior director of products/solutions at Arcadia Data. His background includes a variety of technical and management roles at information technology companies.

While Dale’s experience includes work with relational databases, much of his career pertains to nonrelational data in the areas of search, content management, NoSQL, and Hadoop/Spark, and includes senior roles in technical marketing, sales engineering, and support engineering. Dale holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a BA in computer science from Berkeley.

Siamak Nazari is the chief software architect for HP 3PAR. In this role he is responsible for setting technical direction for HP 3PAR and its portfolio of software enhancements. His current area of focus is solid state storage systems and the software systems for a new class of storage systems.

Nazari has over 25 years of experience working on distributed and highly available systems. He has been working on HP 3PAR technology since 2000, responsible for designing and implementing distributed memory management and high availability feature of the system. He also architected Virtual Domains and federated storage features of the HP 3PAR array.