How Bell Canada and Twilio Succeed by Scaling Real-Time Analytics

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David Vincent
Senior manager and Enterprise architect - Big Data & AI
Bell Canada

Dave Burgess

Dave Burgess
Senior Director - Data Platform and Data Science

For enterprises with thousands of customers, optimizing their data analytics infrastructure is key to gaining competitive advantage.

They need to make real-time analytics easily and quickly accessible to multiple teams, to monitor issues such as network performance and fraud detection.

To best answer and solve today’s data challenges, we have asked data analytics experts from Bell Canada, Twilio, and Cloudera to discuss:

  • The business needs and use cases for scaling real-time analytics.
  • Best practices in enterprise data architectures to ensure scale and speed.
  • How to enable self-service BI and analytics on fast-changing data in log data warehouses.
  • How Bell Canada and Twilio are building real-time log data warehouses to better serve their customers.

Join Us for the Live Replay!