IoT data is Big Data. See how everyone can use it.

Bigger than the Internet?

Yes, the Internet of Things is huge. Billions of connected devices are in use, and millions more are coming online weekly. The quantity of data is mindboggling. Connecting ‘all the things’ could tell you a lot. Now, it’s not just the collecting or storing of data that’s challenging. The question is this: how do you use that IoT data to drive your business forward? What are ‘all the things’ doing?

You need insights. Your team’s making critical business decisions. Customers need access too. How do you provide secure access to leverage all those data points?

You won’t be the first. In this case study, we’ll show you how one data infrastructure company was able to put its IoT data to work:

  • Securely share data with appropriately authorized users via Hadoop’s native security services which prevents the fragmentation of security management typical of the traditional data warehouse and BI stack.
  • Gain continuous interactive data granularity – drill down in streamlined succession from a bar chart to a specific system to one of its components to the raw record of a specific event, all right from a web browser.
  • Rapidly propagate discoveries and create a “data network effect” – as users from different teams learn from each other, via your data, they gain insights for planning product roadmaps, improving customer satisfaction and achieving revenue objectives.

Crush the stack between your taking IoT data in and putting it to use with your users.

Read the case study: