Time to Give BI a
'Hadoop Shot in the Arm'

Learn why "Customer Obsession And Big Data Call For More BI Muscle"

The scale of big data is not in dispute. Less well understood is how to make use of it effectively and efficiently.

And it's also no secret that there is a tremendous need for agile, interactive self-service access and iterative interaction using visual analytics.

The secret to doing it for Big Data at scale, in real time, is in the architecture.

Why does native Hadoop architecture matter? Classically, self-service visualization with tools like Tableau or Qlik rely on aggregates. But that's not enough:

  • "...agile BI platforms, such as those that empower business users to be mostly self-sufficient, deliver such capabilities at the expense of scalability."
  • Translation: costs more money and provides slower end-user responsiveness. Agility? Not so much.

Read this new vendor-neutral assessment by seasoned industry expert, VP and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson of Forrester. You'll learn key barriers to feeding the growing appetite for data insight across organizations – and how to overcome them at the scale that only a native Big Data architecture makes possible.

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