Taking a Faster Route to Detailed Big Data Insights

12x faster than Oracle + Tableau

Inevitably, big data gets bigger. That’s a feature, not a bug. So how do you ensure you can consume it at scale, and not just produce it?

MarketShare Partners, a Neustar Company, set out to give large-scale digital marketers better decision analytics for online and mobile campaigns. Data quickly grew 100-fold and more.

But the conventional set of small data tools on Big Data didn’t work; it was slow and labor intensive, taking days for what needed to be done in hours. Neither did force-fitting Big Data sets into smaller extracts and static reports. It sacrificed the level of dynamic, granular insight that gave Marketshare -- and their customers -- competitive advantage.

“Plenty of companies have settled on Hadoop as their Big Data platform, but the next challenge is understanding, accessing and reporting on the data in Hadoop in an efficient and repeatable way. Hadoop-native tools are emerging that are designed to run on the same infrastructure and provide easier access to the data therein”

Instead, Marketshare transformed how they approached big data insights by turning to Arcadia Data. How’d they do it?

Leaving data in place in Hadoop instead of extracting and moving it around small-data systems

  • Switching from one-off reports to a configurable, multi-tenant environment that delivers fresh marketing attribution data and embeddable customized reports in hours vs.days
  • Expanding scale and scope of data by orders of magnitude, to more precisely measure digital activity across emerging mobile and social channels
  • Slashing database administration and manual report-development burdens by utilizing dynamic, rather than pre-defined, reporting capabilities

Get the report of this big data analytics case study from Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, for free. Still stuck with a complex stack of small data tools? Read how you, too, can crush the stack and put your data (and theirs) to use for your customers faster, better, cheaper – and bigger.

Read the big data analytics case study: