Enterprise Data and BI and Analytics Conference Europe

November 20-23, 2017

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Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence & Analytics provides an unparalleled networking opportunity for BI, Analytics and Data Management Professionals from across Europe and beyond. Whether you are just starting your journey, you are an experienced practitioner or you would like to understand the role of Data Management, BI & Analytics further, this event is for you. Here are some highlights from the Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence & Analytics Conference schedule:

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Duncan Paul

VP Sales, EMEA
Arcadia Data

Real-time analytics for IoT and streaming data

13:25pm–13:50pm Tuesday, 21 November, 2017

IoT applications not only require real-time monitoring of streaming data, but also the ability to perform historical analysis. Businesses need deeper insights from both real-time streams and historical data to enable deep data discovery seamlessly on one modern BI and visual analytics platform. Learn how Arcadia Data works with Cloudera and helps users bring historical and real-time data managed by Cloudera’s various data management platforms like HDFS, Kudu, and Solr into a single visual analytics platform.

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