Plotting the Course of Your Big Data Analytics Strategy

As organizations become more engrained with data-driven strategies and culture, they will turn to big data analytics to fulfill the need for information. However, using the early practices of big data analytics will make it difficult to scale to meet the challenge. Companies need the flexibility to provision a range of users, including employees, partners, and customers, to support today’s analytical workloads. Those workloads include exploration, machine learning, and operational analytics, and should enable the new domain of streaming events from devices and real-time applications.

In this info brief John L Myers, Managing Research Director for Data and Analytics at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), discusses how the world of big data analytics is evolving from an extension of those early practices to truly interactive data applications that enable the operations and exploration practices of data-driven organizations.

You will learn:

  • The state of big data analytics today
  • How data-driven organizations push analytics to the front-line
  • Why exploration/discovery requires detailed data
  • Integrating streaming data must be in real time
  • Real world examples of implementation

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