Data Warehousing and Data Lakes: The Big Picture

Learn how to apply native business intelligence to your data lake.

Hosted by Eric Kavanagh, CEO of Bloor Group, with guests:

Wayne Eckerson

The Eckerson Group Logo

Founder and Principal Consultant


Steve Wooledge

VP of Marketing

Lakshmi Randall

Director of Product Marketing

Alexandra Gutow

Sr. Product Marketing Manager 

Traditional business intelligence tools and pipelines built for the data warehouse still require that data is modeled, aggregated, and secured in separate tiers as it makes it way from the lake to a BI server to an actual business analyst or user.

Time-to-insight remains a challenge, and potential insights are limited if analysts are left with summarized data without the ability to drill to detail.

Join this podcast to hear how native BI for data lakes can help you overcome these pitfalls. With native BI for data lakes, you can:

  • Give business analysts direct access to raw data in the data lake. No more summarizing data and moving it to a BI server. No heavy modeling before analytic discovery can start.
  • Ensure that your lake remains secure. Native BI technologies for data lakes inherit the securities and permissions of your underlying data lake.
  • Accelerate time-to-insights. Native BI for data lakes enables you to scale data lake access and insights for your enterprise.

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More about our presenters:

Wayne Eckerson

Founder and Principal Consultant of Eckerson Group.

Wayne has been a thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field since the early 1990s.

Steve Wooledge

VP Marketing of Arcadia Data

Steve is a 15-year veteran of enterprise software in both large public companies and early-stage start-ups and has a passion for bringing innovative technology to market.

Lakshmi Randall

Director of Product Marketing at Denodo.

Before joining Denodo, Lakshmi was a Research Director at Gartner covering Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Big Data, Information Management, and Analytics practices.

Alexandra Gutow

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera.

Prior to Cloudera, Alexandra managed marketing and PR for Basho Technologies.