Aired: March 28, 2018

Data Lakes Are Worth Saving


Dan Woods

CEO & Chief Analyst of Early Adopter Research


Steve Wooledge

VP of Marketing

Jack Norris

Senior Vice President of Data and Applications


Data lakes started as a place for big data discovery and exploration for highly-technical users. But leading organizations have evolved data lakes to support a wide variety of business use cases, assisted by machine learning and artificial intelligence, visual analytics, BI tools, and other methods.

The data native concept helps explain how big data should be used, particularly for data lakes. But so many attempts at building data lakes have failed due to process and technology mismatches.

Join us for this webinar with industry experts from Evolved Media, Arcadia Data, and MapR to learn:

  • Why and how data lakes have failed over the years
  • What key analytic and data governance capabilities you should aspire to have in your data lake
  • Key challenges to overcome
  • Principles to consider for your data lake strategy

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Data Lakes Are Worth Saving Webinar

More about our presenters:

Dan Woods

CEO of Evolved Media & Chief Analyst of Early Adopter Research

Dan creates ideas about technology products, based on a broad technical understanding. By writing as an analyst in Forbes and working with Evolved Media’s clients, he sees the magic in technology and why it matters to IT buyers.

Steve Wooledge

VP Marketing of Arcadia Data

Steve is responsible for the overall go-to- market strategy and marketing for Arcadia Data. He is a 15-year veteran of enterprise software in both large public companies and early-stage start-ups and has a passion for bringing innovative technology to market.

Jack Norris

Senior Vice President, Data and Applications, MapR

Jack drives understanding and adoption of new applications enabled by data convergence. With over 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience, he has demonstrated success in many areas from defining new markets for small companies to increasing sales of new products for large public companies.