Best Practices Report: Building a Data Lake for the Enterprise

Native BI for Data Lakes: Delivering on the Promise of Agility

Data is coming from every direction. But less than a third of companies are turning their big data into insights. Many companies are using tools designed for their data warehouse, and attempting to apply those same technologies to their data lakes. As this approach delivers less than acceptable results time and again, more companies are adopting a new business intelligence standard for their data lakes.

With native BI for data lakes, you can provide business teams with data access and insights. Read this best practices report from DBTA to learn how to:

  • Embrace a separate BI standard designed specifically for your data lake
  • Accelerate time-to-insight on large data
  • Rapidly perform data discovery and semantic modeling in short feedback loops without any IT intervention

Download the best practices report now to learn why your peers are embracing native business intelligence and visual analytics for their data lakes.