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13 -14 November 2018

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A Tale of Two BI Standards: Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Zaf Khan

Senior Sales Engineer
Arcadia Data

Tuesday, 13 Nov | 14:30 - 15:00
Location: Self-Service Analytics Theatre

The use of data lakes continue to grow, and the right business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools on data lakes are critical to data lake success. In this talk, we’ll discuss why traditional BI tools don’t work well on data lakes, so every organization should have two BI standards: one for data warehouses and one for data lakes. We’ll also discuss innovations that justify this position.

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While the data management aspect has been fairly well understood over the years, the success of business intelligence (BI) and analytics on data lakes lags behind. In fact, organizations often struggle with data lakes because they are only accessible by highly-skilled data scientists and not by business users. But BI tools have been able to access data warehouses for years, so what gives?

In this talk, we’ll discuss:

  • Why traditional BI tools are architected well for data warehouses, but not data lakes.
  • Why every organization should have two BI standards: one for data warehouses and one for data lakes.
  • Innovative capabilities provided by BI for data lakes

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