Big data creates significant opportunities for your enterprise. Digital transformation, deeper insights, greater competitive advantage, etc. So why isn’t everyone winning with it?

Big data can disrupt your life like a bully. Put big data in its place. Watch this video on how you can win with big data, including BI on Hadoop, BI on data lakes, and real-time data visualization.


Narrator: Ahhh. The promise of big data. A utopia of deep analytical understanding and stunning visualizations, destined to empower the masses with keen, rapid-fire insights.

But what’s showing up is something altogether different.

It has a shameless appetite for resources. Prone to disappoint. And, not likely to be a catalyst for transformation.

Woman in counseling: I mean, I have needs too. Limited data sets, they’re not enough. I don't plan on summarizing for the rest of my life.

Big Data Bully: I’ve got two words for you: boo and hoo.

Stressed sleeper: Way too many concurrent users! I’m screwed!

Big Data Bully: Yeah, well, maybe if you scooched over, we'd all have room.

Driver: Users expect real-time performance. I mean, really, real-time.

Big Data Bully: Can we stop! I need to go and throw up, and I'm thirsty.

Guy in dark alley: Ha! There’s no way I could do this without a unified security layer. Vigilance is number one to me. Ack!

Big Data Bully: Boo!

Well, if you’re feeling somewhat bullied by big data, we think Arcadia Data will help. Arcadia Data stands up to big data by taking a fundamentally new and better approach to delivering on its promise. We’re the first visual analytics software native to big data - running directly with modern data platforms – like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and the cloud. We deliver results from the inside out.

Instead of having to architect and then slog through legacy BI stacks – you know, where analysts lose the granular detail they need, and architects bow down to performance and security compromises.

Arcadia simplifies and accelerates time-to-insight, setting the standard for analytics on your data lake. You’ll spend far less on development and take the pressure off IT, plus give your users faster performance and better results.

Arcadia Data will help you usher in a new era of modern visualizations to analysts and users across your entire enterprise. You’ll bring this reality to life with a fraction
of the development and IT effort needed for more conventional approaches.
Users have direct access to big data, a drag-and-drop reality that lets them visually explore and analyze big data, fast.

Arcadia Data can help accelerate your organization’s journey to true and empowering
digital transformation. Learn how – once and for all, Arcadia Data can put big data in its place. Which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is right in the hands of your users.

Arcadia Data. The insight within.

Hungry man: You didn’t even chew it!

Big Data Bully: “burp”

With our “Insight Within” 30-minute demo, we’ll show you the insight Arcadia Data can bring to you and your organization. You can register at, or just call us at 415-680-3535. We look forward to hearing from you.