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Matt Aslett
Research Director | 451 Research
Shant Hovsepian
CTO & Co-Founder | Arcadia Data

WEBINAR, AIRED: October 25, 2017

Accelerating Data Lakes and Streams with Real-time Analytics

As organizations modernize their data and analytics platforms, the data lake concept has gained momentum as a shared enterprise resource for supporting insights across multiple lines of business. The perception is that data lakes are vast, slow-moving bodies of data, but innovations like Apache Kafka for streaming-first architectures put real-time data flows at the forefront. Combining real-time alerts and fast-moving data with rich historical analysis lets you respond quickly to changing business conditions with powerful data lake analytics to make smarter decisions.

Join this complimentary webinar with industry experts from 451 Research and Arcadia Data who will discuss:

  • Business requirements for combining real-time streaming and ad hoc visual analytics.
  • Innovations in real-time analytics using tools like Confluent’s KSQL.
  • Machine-assisted visualization to guide business analysts to faster insights.
  • Elevating user concurrency and analytic performance on data lakes.
  • Applications in cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and predictive maintenance on manufacturing equipment all benefit from streaming visualizations.

Now available on-demand:

Accelerating Data Lakes and Streams with Real-Time Analytics