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AI-powered business intelligence for today’s data-driven organizations.
No data movement. Cloud scale. Unequaled user concurrency.


Big data can be a bully.

But not anymore. Let Arcadia Data help you put big data in its place.

Gartner: Derive Value from Data Lakes

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Real-Time Analytics (with Confluent KSQL)

New Approaches for Fraud Detection on Apache Kafka and KSQL.

Arcadia Data is the analytics and BI platform built for big data and data lakes.

We are architected to give you powerful analytics out of modern data platforms like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and cloud object stores.


How is Arcadia Data different?

Unlike a traditional BI deployment, our platform:

  • Promotes greater agility (i.e., less IT intervention) for faster time-to-insight.
  • Delivers faster responses and higher user concurrency on larger data volumes (no scale/cost pains of in-memory systems).
  • Avoids middleware, thus further reduces IT overhead and complexity.

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"Prior to switching to Hadoop and Arcadia Data, analysts were only able to perform one analysis per day, because it was constrained by a batch process with no interactivity. After our project was completed, users were able to perform dozens of analysis cycles per day, as we had now created an interactive and easy-to-use system."

— Reid Levesque, Head, Solution Engineering at Royal Bank of Canada

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"Arcadia Data provides our end users secure data access through a single integrated data management platform on Hadoop, meaning we can unlock big data insights across our organization without the cost and complexity of securing thousands of discrete data marts extracts.”

— Rajiv Synghal, Chief Data Architect, Big Data Strategy at Kaiser Permanente

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“Arcadia Data offers a one-stop-shop native Hadoop BI platform. From offering inline data preparation (where data preparation and analysis/visualization are part of the same process) and building data cubes to visualizing exploring and analyzing data, Arcadia Data provides a seamlessly integrated native BI Hadoop platform.”

— Boris Evelson, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester

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“MarketShare provides a state of the art decision support system on half a petabyte of data. To understand how our client’s digital campaigns are performing, we need access to granular — not aggregated — data. Arcadia Enterprise gives our business users direct access to the data they need, when they need it.”

— Satya Ramachandran, SVP Engineering at MarketShare

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"Arcadia Enterprise is the first product we found that provides truly on-cluster Hadoop BI in the way we were seeking. Its execution model and user self-service approach deliver performance at Hadoop scale, and lets us develop our analytics quickly."

— Terry McFadden, Associate Director, Global Business Services at Procter & Gamble


Let us show you how Arcadia Data can help with your data lake, cloud, and Hadoop BI.