Modern Business Intelligence

Leading the Way for Big Data Success

This is an exciting time for data-driven companies. The proliferation and maturation of big data technologies give you more power to successfully leverage data to drive your business operations. While big data innovations have largely pertained to data management, the focus on end users, particularly regarding BI and analytics as well as data-centric applications, will continue to grow. The notion of self-service BI, especially important when it comes to gaining competitive advantage via data agility, will further emerge as a strong theme.

As you seek more data, agility, and deeper insights, all with lower costs, a new paradigm is required. Applying legacy BI technologies to the modern world of big data is often not the answer. Instead, modern approaches to analytics and data applications were designed to address challenges of growing data volumes while also reducing the dependence on IT for day-to-day data management activities.

In this eBook, we’ll explore new self-service technologies that enable you to stay ahead of the game whether you are a business analyst, data scientist, or data/application architect.