July 21, 2016 - Sushil Thomas | Big Data Ecosystem

Workday acquires Platfora: Big Data Analytics takes center stage

Today, Workday announced the acquisition of Platfora, a Hadoop-focused data discovery platform.

This acquisition underlines the continued significance of analytical capabilities being central to vertical applications like Workday. Mike’s blog over at Workday highlights the reasons this is important. At Arcadia Data, we strongly believe that applications are moving from treating analytics as a fringe outer-edge capability to analytics at the core. One leading industry analyst describes it this way:


We see this same movement highlighted among our customers. Companies are asking for more from their data lakes: they no longer want their Hadoop clusters to be used as cheap storage. Once discovery capabilities on big data are available to everyone, it drives an appetite for more power in the application stack with Big Data capabilities including deep history and real-time streaming, all through the lens of a vertical application. Big Data is only valuable through analytics and visual insight that has access to all of it. Arcadia has a blueprint for this architecture and we have repeatedly helped companies build applications off big data.

Congratulations to the Platfora team on building a fantastic product, and we wish them continued success within Workday.

Sushil Thomas is co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Data.

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