June 30, 2016 - David M Fishman | Big Data Ecosystem

To TCO or not to TCO? Answering the Hadoop Question at Royal Bank of Canada

If there’s a version of the ‘tastes great, less filling’ argument in the Hadoop marketplace, it’s probably about whether Hadoop’s value is in being cost-effective vs. delivering ‘strategic’ ROI. The financial services industry is a particularly interesting domain in which to work out the balance of assets and liabilities.

One especially useful answer to this question (like much great beer) comes from Canada – the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to be specific, in the person of Reid Levesque, who spoke on ‘Beyond TCO: Architecting Hadoop for Adoption and Data Applications‘ at the most recent Hadoop Summit in San Jose.

What’s interesting is the approach that Mr. Levesque took to TCO: recognizing Hadoop’s merits, his team worked through a series of use cases. Consider the following multiple choice list:

  • [a] File Archive … + Hadoop
  • [b] Data Intensive Grid Compute Analytics … + Hadoop
  • [c] Database Replacement … + Hadoop
  • [d] ETL Offload … + Hadoop
  • [e] None of the above
  • [f] All of the above

Don’t turn your browser upside down to look for the answers below. They’re in the video.  But here’s the one line summary:

“We arrived at a use case that was only possible with Hadoop, but would appeal to a broad audience of users who were not principally data scientists nor software developers.”

After watching the video, you may want to read up on the value of self-service big data.

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