October 1, 2015 - David M Fishman | Big Data Ecosystem

Three Questions You Should Ask Hadoop Vendors at Strata

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Strata + Hadoop World logoHadoop’s potential for cost-savings, scale, and speed has been touted by industry analysts for some time, but getting Hadoop to the point of payoff isn’t easy. As Gartner’s 2015 Hadoop Adoption Study points out, the top two roadblocks for adoption are obtaining the right skills and determining how to get value from the platform.

Even with these challenges, Hadoop adoption in the enterprise is hitting its stride. Hortonworks recently announced that its average annual net expansion rate was more than 100 percent, meaning many Hadoop enterprise customers are more than doubling their clusters on an annual basis. Cloudera reported that its base of enterprise subscription software customers grew by more than 85 percent in fiscal year 2015.

Clearly, thousands of companies have made their first bets on Hadoop pay off. They have gone from figuring out how to run Hadoop to figuring out how to profit from it. What does it take to make that success more ubiquitous?

With Strata + Hadoop World upon us in New York this week, we anticipate a slew of new product announcements in the Hadoop ecosystem. That makes it the perfect time to assess the maturity of Hadoop, to delve into the pros and cons of various applications such as BI architectural approaches, and to evaluate smart strategies for maximizing the ROI of your big data initiatives – and the data itself.

With that in mind, here are three questions you should have for every Hadoop tool and application vendor you talk to at Strata, and that they should be able to answer:

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