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Rackspace and Arcadia Data Turn Data into Insights

Cross-post of the Rackspace blog entry by Nihar Gupta

Big Data is kind of a big deal. There is no shortage of headlines that mention the exponential growth of data and the promise of big data technologies like Hadoop to harness its power.

The reality is that many more big data initiatives fail than succeed. Part of the problem is in getting started; architecting a solution or choosing the right set of Hadoop projects for the question(s) you are trying to answer can be a pitfall. An equally challenging problem is finding the expertise to actually operate the cluster. This includes the mundane but critical tasks such as configuration, monitoring, patching, managing versions, and of course, fixing things when they break.

Now let’s say your organization has made it this far. A next step is to enable analysis by business users who can turn this data into insights that drive action. Failure to do that means the big data project never makes it beyond pilot phase.

To make sure these kinds of failures don’t happen, Rackspace has partnered with Arcadia Data to provide Managed Big Data Analytics powered by Arcadia Data.

Rackspace provides a purpose-built, dedicated environment and the expertise to consult customers at any point in their big data journey, but most importantly during the planning and implementation phases when so many projects fail. We administer and support your solution, freeing you up to focus on other high value activities. We’ll even help you migrate your data.

We work hard on the front end of the user’s journey because we live with the fruits of our labor, evolving and supporting the product. Don’t just take our word for it. The latest Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions released in April this year, rated Rackspace as a ‘strong performer’ among eight of the leading cloud providers — including AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM, based on 37 different criteria.

Stronger Together

Arcadia Data, which leads its competition in the Forrester Wave for Native Hadoop BI Platforms provides Hadoop native BI and visualization software, which helps its customers get value out of data stored in Hadoop without exporting data into external systems. Business analysts and users can visualize and work with billions of data records, scaling to handle thousands of simultaneous sessions with near real-time responsiveness. Arcadia bridges that last mile in a big data initiative and connects end users who can start leveraging the data through a drag-n-drop visual interface.

Arcadia’s flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, is now available as part of Rackspace’s Managed Big Data Solution.

“The unspoken secret of big data is that if you don’t make architecture and infrastructure part of your initiative, it becomes big AND slow,” says Priyank Patel, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Arcadia Data. “That defeats the purpose of embarking on the initiative in the first place – which is to increase speed to insight from big data. By partnering with Rackspace, and making our business intelligence and visualization platform available on Rackspace’s fully managed big data environment we enable customers tie business results to big data initiatives.”

“By taking a big-data native approach to visualization and analytics,” Patel continues, “we let customers ‘crush the stack’ and dispense with inefficient and constrained stacks of non-native BI servers that rely on data extracts and summaries for visual analysis. Running natively allows users of Arcadia Data to perform round trip navigation from summaries to granular data with real-time performance.”

The Details

Unlike conventional visualization tools, this is not just a visualization layer that sits above your cluster. It actually runs natively on your Hadoop clusters with no coding required. When users connect Arcadia data to your Hadoop data, they’re able to develop apps and visuals with drag-and-drop ease.

Step 1: Model your data
Data into Insights

Step 2: Create your apps and visuals
Data into Insights

Step 3: Publish and share your data visualizations.

Arcadia also offers a unique approach to creating visual data applications.

Unlike the charts and graphs you often see with self-service data tools, these app visualizations let you drill down securely to the underlying raw data records.

Visualizations are highly flexible, because they’re built natively in HTML5 and readily extensible with Arcadia’s API. You can embed any HTML Arcadia visualizations in your own applications.

Multi-tenancy with Arcadia is important for another reason: concurrency. Rather than treating Hadoop as a giant SQL database, Arcadia runs a variety of automated business intelligence data management strategies that structure and partition the data based on what users actually do with the visualizations.

Rather than having DBAs guess what tables and files will be most performance critical, Arcadia monitors what analysts work with most frequently, and can create accelerating analytic views on the fly to provide near-real-time responsiveness for hundreds of users across hundreds of billions of records.

These new partnerships are the next (but not the last) key milestone reinforcing Rackspace’s position as a strong player in the Big Data market.

Read more about Rackspace Big Data, or, if you have a funded project and want to derive value from big data, request an Arcadia trial with one of our Big Data experts by completing this form.

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