September 25, 2017 - Steve Wooledge | Big Data Ecosystem

Native Visual Analytics at Strata

Like many of our readers, we’ll be joining thousands of our big data peers at Strata Data Conference in New York City. We have many examples of how big data innovators and leaders are making data work by finding insights within their data platforms with native visual analytics.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Arcadia Data customer Procter & Gamble (P&G) will share how they use visual analytics to deliver value from their data assets for hundreds of marketers, brand managers, and product managers. Michelle Tower, director of BI and analytics at P&G, takes the stage at 2:05 pm on Wednesday, September 27 in location 1A 01/02. She will explain how P&G is using big data to find the business insights to optimize data models for analytics and data visualization. With all the data associated with its extensive product portfolio, P&G needed a self-service way for business analysts to drill down into product details. But as many companies have learned, putting big data in a central location is not the final answer to your questions. Join Michelle to learn how P&G used the right technologies to draw important insights from their data to deliver the value and stay competitive.
  • Learn about important big data topics from our partners. Cloudera, Hortonworks, Leidos, MapR, and Pitney Bowes will present in our theater at our booth #707. Scheduled talks include: “Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Real-Time Analytics for Cyber and IoT,” “Location Intelligence – A Critical Data Approach for Financial Services,” and “Automating the Detection and Reporting of Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreak.” Check out our Strata landing page for the complete schedule. We’re having a raffle at every session, so come try your luck!
  • Learn about the future of streaming visual analytics. Our CTO and co-founder, Shant Hovsepian, will discuss “Streaming Visual Analytics: What’s Possible Today and What’s Coming Tomorrow” at 4:35 pm Thursday in location 1E 07/08. Shant will show how you can react with and visualize data directly from streams in Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Apache Flink.
  • Meet with our team. If you are ready to kick off a visual analytics project or have technical questions, swing by our booth or request a meeting in advance.
  • While you’re at the booth, ask us about our upcoming innovations.
    • Arcadia Enterprise version 4.2 makes it easier for business analysts to handle modern data types and workflows with machine-assisted insights, with greater accessibility and self-service through real-time streaming visualizations, Instant Visuals for recommendations on live big data sets, and support for complex data types.
    • Browse and analyze Apache Kafka™ topics. Streaming data environments related to the Internet of Things, change data capture, and other time-series data sources are extremely popular for a variety of use cases. Read how Arcadia Enterprise integrates with Confluent’s KSQL.

If you still need to sign up for Strata, don’t wait until the last minute. Register now and use promo code Arcadia20 for a 20 percent discount. Can’t make it to Strata this time? Download Arcadia Instant and maybe you’ll be speaking on behalf of Arcadia Data at Strata next year!

We’re looking forward to Strata. See you there!

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