March 17, 2016 - David M Fishman | Storytelling with Data

Hadooponomics Podcast: Listening for the payoff of Big Data at Scale

As Hadoop leader Cloudera opens its new office in Chicago with a keynote by Doug Cutting, the conversation about Big Data has clearly moved beyond big hype. It’s now about the money: Hadoop moves markets.

Where economics meets big data, think ‘Hadooponomics’. That’s why this week Arcadia Data is kicking off our partnership with Blue Hill Research on a compelling new podcast series we called just that: Hadooponomics.
Hadooponomics Brought to you by Arcadia Data and Blue Hill ResearchAs with any new idea, there’s been a lot of ferment about the role of Big Data in shifting the technology landscape and its social impact – whether your primary social network is GitHub or LinkedIn. Through this podcast partnership, we want to you to joins us in thinking about where Big Data is unlocking sustainable value.

Hosted by Blue Hill’s principal analyst James Haight, the podcast features practitioners and technologists who’ve long been getting their hands dirty with data, and asking them what they’ve learned and where they think it goes next.

To kick off the series, we sent Arcadia CEO and co-founder Sushil Thomas to share a conversation with James Haight and Dana Blouin, a Data Scientist who focuses on IoT. Dana moved from the U.S. to Thailand where he co-founded DRVR, a company that pulls telemetry from fleets of commercial trucks into cloud-based platform running Hadoop locally and in Singapore. (Can’t say how well it tracks how elephants and trucks interact in the jungle, but I’m sure that’s a thing.) Making a business of it is about making the data accessible:

Being based in Southeast Asia, focusing on Southeast Asian companies and fleet managers, a big part of what we’re doing is trying to help them better utilize the data. We’re trying to make that knowledge accessible so a user with almost no background, no tech background, no analysis or business management background, can look at that raw data and now has a very easy way to absorb that knowledge and act on it. A lot of people talk about Hadoop, that it’s great to put the data in, but it becomes difficult to get it out. The people who are able to take that raw data and make valuable knowledge out of it are gonna be the market leaders.

We invite you to tune in to the inaugural podcast, “The Internet of Everything or the Internet of Nothing” now available at, along with iTunes and Stitcher. And stay tuned for the next installment, which will feature DStillery Chief Scientist Claudia Perlich, who’ll talk (among other things) about the payoff of Big Data in a very different jungle: Times Square.

Look for new episodes of Hadooponomics each Wednesday during the weeks ahead.

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