April 1, 2017 - Shant Hovsepian | Storytelling with Data

Facial Cognitive BI: The Next Generation of Visual Analytics

Earlier we announced the latest version of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0, a major shift in the landscape for Visual Analytics in the World of BI. However, today I’m very excited to announce that as part of Arcadia 4.0, we’re proud to launch the next generation of business intelligence, Facial Cognitive BI.

The business intelligence industry has gone through many waves of transformation, from the early days of mainframe reporting we moved into a world that became known as client/server BI. As more and more business users needed access to visualizations and data we saw a wave of new tools enter the market based on the visual information seeking mantra that enable self-service BI and data discovery. It all but seemed like the industry started to stabilize with massive shifts in thinking from analysts and industry consolidation, however both the traditional reporting and self-service BI technologies have started to become legacy in the face of new technologies focused on Cloud BI, Search-Based BI, and BI on Big Data. The trend of disruption in the BI industry continues…even more so today than ever before. This time with Facial Cognitive BI.

In my short time working at Google, I learned a lot about the power data has in enabling creativity and extracting value from every corner of an organization. We took some of those learnings in the design of modern big data systems such as Apache Hadoop, at Arcadia Data with our 4.0 release, we incorporated Google’s Material Design philosophies to transform the user experience for visual analytics, and now we are again drawing inspiration from Google on how we can find cat videos on the internet, that is, how we can utilize modern AI and machine intelligence techniques through neural networks to deliver an even better BI experience.

We enable Facial Cognitive BI in Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 by leveraging a cloud-based Tensorflow cluster, where we use Blockchain to securely transmit and verify end user facial gestures via webcam and drones to predict and anticipate their data visualization needs. By combining the cloud, high-speed memory, GPUs, Tensorflow, Blockchain, streaming data, and drones Arcadia has created a seamless and simple stack for any data processing needs a user may have.

Body language is one of the most robust ways we as humans communicate. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The early days of BI were limited by the manual labor of report building and esoteric programming languages. Things only got worse from there with the constant need to create data extracts and build cubes whereby moving tons of data to build simple dashboards.

Search-based BI brought us closer to human simplicity but is rot with all the ambiguities and inconsistencies of natural language. With FC BI the user just reacts and looks at their data as they would with anything else in life. To illustrate the power of FC BI we highlight some examples below.

For more on this and other big data analytic visualization needs, check out some of the data applications you can build for connected vehicles and more on our resources page. Or take FC BI for a spin yourself and download Arcadia Instant now. Don’t forget to share your visualizations with us and include #MadeWithArcadia.

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