March 7, 2017 - Priyank Patel | Big Data Ecosystem

Data-driven Applications with Arcadia Enterprise 4.0

Our supply chain team has not changed a single dashboard in the last 10 years” –

remarked a BI Architect I happened to have dinner with at the Gartner Data & Analytics 2017 conference in Dallas, Texas.  While their dashboard hasn’t changed, their manufacturing has moved overseas, their suppliers have changed and their product line has expanded multifold.  So where is the disconnect, I tried to probe.  It became apparent that the users had augmented the dashboard and started using a vertical business application to gain a better understanding of their business problems.  It is not the case that the dashboard was useless, it was just not useful enough!


All of us BI enthusiasts have been conditioned to accept dashboards as the de-facto mechanism to consume insight.  But the end business user actually cares about streamlining their daily routine. It starts out with some metrics but quickly goes into drill down to the granular details, and it needs workflows where they are jumping across different contexts in the same subject area, and finally triggering actions in downstream systems.  Does that sound familiar?  It is the definition of (business) applications.

The New Arcadia Enterprise

With the launch of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0, we’re unveiling a way for users to build immersive application workflows using the drag-and-drop ease that they have come to expect, built inside a brand new User Interface based on Google’s Material Design.

1. Application Designer for workflows

With Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 analysts can define business-driven navigation workflows by simply tagging dashboards into groups.  Once the basic wireframe of the application is inferred, the analyst can connect arbitrary click-thru actions between application pages, enabling end-users to navigate by clicking on any data element.

2. Material Design based UI

We leveraged Google’s Material Design principles to design a reactive and responsive interface that is goal-oriented and uncluttered. There is no need for extra tabs or pop ups anymore, because Arcadia Enterprise suggests actions and next steps for the user to take. This allows users to  focus on the task at hand, minimizing the distractions that multiple tabs or windows often create.

3. Accelerated Insight to Action

With the inclusion of proactive alerting and scheduling, you’ll receive email and dashboard notifications based on your company’s real-time data. There are also new types of visualizations available, such as dendrograms and network graphs, that demonstrate complex relationships. All of this enables the end user to arrive at necessary conclusions faster based on meaningful data.

4. Secure Extranet Deployment

It’s not just about the users within your company; there are those external partners who might also need access to your data applications. Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 enables users to publish those data applications externally to the necessary parties, safely and securely.

With the inclusion of the features above, Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 addresses use cases such as developing complete marketing insights, detection and prevention of cybersecurity threats, transparency for regulatory compliance, turning IoT data into meaningful analytics, among other scenarios.

Who Benefits from Arcadia Enterprise 4.0?

We have been providing early access to Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 at customers who have leveraged it to build out data-centric applications for business users in a matter of hours.  Arcadia Enterprise bridges the gap between self-service discovery and advanced analytics to give organizations the ability to solve challenging big data problems and make them accessible to a wide audience for maximum impact.  I invite you to come check out a live demo at booth #114 at Gartner Data and Analytics conference this week or booth #K21 at Strata+Hadoop World.

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