September 18, 2018 - Dale Kim | Big Data Ecosystem

Cloudera Data Warehouse – A Partner Perspective

This post originally posted here. Co-written by Dan Wilson, Director of Partnerships for Cloudera Data Warehouse, and Dale Kim, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions, Arcadia Data

Among the many reasons that a majority of large enterprises have adopted Cloudera Data Warehouse as their modern analytic platform of choice is the incredible ecosystem of partners that have emerged over recent years. We will take a closer look at some of the most innovative partners, and how the Cloudera platform is helping them deliver groundbreaking solutions to our customers.

At Cloudera, we’re lucky to work with some amazing partners, and in the data warehouse category in particular, we see a couple of key trends:

  • New innovation in the Cloudera ecosystem: Several new companies have emerged that tightly integrate with our platform, effectively betting their business on our own success, which is humbling! According to Crunchbase, our closest Cloudera-native partners have raised over $260M based on our tight alignment.
  • Incumbents are adapting to modern platforms: More established vendors are building or buying tools that leverage the Cloudera platform more effectively. Informatica’s Big Data Manager and Qlik’s acquisition of Podium Data are just 2 examples.
  • Sophisticated specialists are emerging: As the use cases for Cloudera Data Warehouse become more sophisticated, so do the partners. We are tracking very interesting development in areas like security, catalogs, data masking and more.

In this post, we’ll focus on one of our Cloudera-native partners, Arcadia Data. Their software is a great example of how Cloudera’s platform can be seen not only as a massively scalable data store but as a complete data warehousing platform on top of which their BI application is built. Data warehouse

The main Arcadia Data product, Arcadia Enterprise, is a BI and visual analytics tool that leverages the power of Cloudera. One of the key Arcadia Enterprise tenets is that data should be analyzed where it resides, and unnecessary data movement should be avoided in the analytic lifecycle. As a result, customers get a fast, scalable and secure (with Apache Sentry integration) analytics deployment on Cloudera that gives users, including non-technical business users, easy access to all the data without excessive IT intervention.

In addition, Arcadia Data is one of the first partners who have certified on Cloudera 6, which will open up a wealth of new possibilities for discovery & operational data warehouses where the combination of structured SQL-based queries with Analytic Search on (often fast moving) unstructured data can be extremely valuable.

Cloudera and Arcadia Data have teamed up to solve business challenges that require massive scale and hybrid compute interfaces. Cybersecurity, supply chain analysis, operations optimization, and predictive maintenance are only a few examples of how we’ve jointly helped customers.

Arcadia Enterprise, combined with Apache Impala and Apache Kudu, work well for data warehouse use cases. We’re also seeing growing interest in that stack for near real-time analytics on Internet-of-things streaming data. Arcadia Enterprise also integrates with Cloudera Search for analytics on textual/unstructured data formats like log files. This provides BI-style analytics on data that was typically limited to a technical user base.

Learn more about how Arcadia Enterprise and Kudu work together in this short video.

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