April 1, 2016 - David M Fishman | Storytelling with Data

Big Data and Data Security Converge with Release of Hadoop on iPhone

Arcadia Data announced today that it would soon release a version of the leading Big Data Platform, Hadoop, that runs natively on the iPhone. The release features Arcadia’s converged Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence platform that runs natively on Hadoop.

Security for Arcadia Data’s converged Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence platform
The data is out there.

Following closely on the heels of the contentious and controversial confrontation between Apple and the FBI, the insights available from Big Data have taken center stage in the business community, and in the media.Billions of iPhones in use the worldwide marketplace and the large volume of data they produce, whether through advertising, IoT, and even medical applications have created unprecedented opportunity for a more user-friendly approach.

But with Big Data comes Big Worry about Big Security. The recent controversy around competing approaches to ensuring true security for data users everywhere had put Apple and the FBI on opposite sides of the debate. News earlier this week showed that there is room in fact for collaboration.

“Clearly, the US government is concerned with doing whatever it can to ensure the security of its citizens, and making it their business to get intelligence about everyone’s business. We understand the potential of business intelligence to deliver business value for Big Data”, said David M. Fishman, VP of Marketing at Arcadia Data. “Apple’s reputation for data security has really emerged as second to none in its vigorous defense of encryption on its devices. Considering Apple’s relentless focus on user experience, we concluded that delivering our secure visual analytics and business intelligence platform on the iPhone was a logical move.”

With nearly two decades of technology behind it, Hadoop for iPhone and its complementary native Visual Analytics and BI platform offers enormous potential to crush the complex legacy stack of data technologies that most companies struggle with in the pursuit of business intelligence.

Arcadia’s innovations come at the convergence of multiple efforts. Company officials explained that the open source code base for Hadoop made the technology freely accessible to accelerate the development effort. Hadoop recently marked its tenth anniversary; and the iPhone will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2017. Fishman also noted that “Arcadia’s tools are distinguished in their ability to make Big Data securely available to a broad community of business users, not just data scientists, software developers or interns.”

The move was widely hailed in the Big Data community. Tim Stevens, vice president of business and corporate development at Cloudera, said, “Security is a key inflection point on the road to faster, broader Hadoop adoption.” Some compared this to the release of Microsoft Office for the Mac. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, did not reply to requests for comment. Attempts to reach Apple’s CEO emeritus, Steve Jobs, were also unsuccessful.

Late in March 2016, Arcadia Data announced the availability of its On-Cluster Security Solution for Big Data Visual Analytics and BI in Hadoop. Data Security was also featured on a recent podcast, Hadooponomics Episode 3, also hosted on iTunes, where Blue Hill Research analyst and host James Haight speaks with Eddie Garcia, Chief Security Architect at Cloudera.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We have been informed that the podcast on iTunes no longer contains references to Hadoop on the iPhone. Apple advises that it is investigating a possible security breach.]

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