September 22, 2016 - Susan Rojo | Big Data Ecosystem

Procter & Gamble’s Big Data Gamble

Big Data is a household word. Or just about. What’s going to push it that last mile? Everyday use by everybody.

If anyone knows about things in everyday use by everybody, it’s P&G. The 179 year old consumer company whose products we all use 2-3 times a day recognized the potential of Big Data and put it to use in business units around the globe.

Procter & Gamble’s multiyear Big Data initiative went from a proof-of-concept environment used by data scientists to a business-facing brand manager for marketing insights across hundreds of brands and geographies. 

Terry McFadden, Principal Enterprise Information Architect at Procter & Gamble, has a long history of attacking wicked problems in the data area. He holds several US patents, was an early text analytics practitioner, and has long been driving P&G’s big data efforts. He’ll join Priyank Patel, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Arcadia Data, to discuss Procter and Gamble’s three-year journey to harness Big Data to create production applications with on-cluster BI technology. They’ll explore the architecture challenges and choices made to put business insights front and center in Procter & Gamble’s Big Data infrastructure. Arcadia Data is in daily use by hundreds of users across P&G, navigating through hundreds of terabytes of Hadoop data to iterate insights faster.

Hope you will come join our session:

  • at Strata+Hadoop World in New York City 
  • on Thursday, Sept. 29th from 11:20–12:00pm
  • in 3D 10 in the Javits Convention Center.

Need a break from iterating? Come play Crush the Stack at our booth (#527) in the center of the expo hall and win prizes. You can take the opportunity to extract business insights from your data or try to pull cool prizes from the stack of legacy tools many companies still try and use with their Big Data. Either way, you win.

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